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Close enough, I guess. But I've decided to give myself an amnesty on the backlog; there comes a point when it's just irrational to attempt to catch up on five months' worth of unwritten-up books.

So, most recently... )
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Naturally after the tumult of The End Of Hannibal, I had to get back into Ripper Street. I am assured that it's worth hanging in there for, but my god, it's accomplished more wailing and gnashing of teeth in this house in the first four episodes of season 3 than Hannibal did in an entire three seasons. Yes, even the episode with the... laboratory slides...

Reassuringly, vidders have made two versions of the Friends opening credits, remixed a la Hannibal:
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The story of the women's history museum which mysteriously transformed (via the process, often contentious in British life, of getting planning permission) into a sensationalist-looking Jack the Ripper museum is making its way around the world. Here's a few interesting links:

- The Guardian: Jack the Ripper's victims deserve to be commemorated. But like this?
- [personal profile] londonkds: Fisking the Jack the Ripper Museum
- 38 Degrees petition to Tower Hamlets Council: Celebrate Suffragettes Not Serial Killers
- Protest at the museum opening on Tuesday 4th August! Women's history is not Jack the Ripper!

Other things:

- Jacqueline Wilson has written a new take on What Katy Did.
- Twitter, unable to grasp that endless growth might not be possible or desirable, considers being more like Facebook.
- [ profile] arcadiaego informs me of the existence of a longstanding fan project at [community profile] read_lotr_aloud, where a small group of fans have spent most of the last decade building up a chapter-by-chapter audiobook. Sean Astin even reads the first section! Is anyone aware of other projects like this?
- [ profile] ladysisyphus has an epic post on The Blair Witch Project and the movies that tried to emulate its impact without really understanding it. So delicious to see a good chunk of horror meta on LJ!
- In other news, shoestring film production company Mansfield Dark have come up with a beautiful 12-minute shadow puppet version of Count Magnus by M.R. James. You can see the trailer here and also find a link to buy the DVD, which comes with a lovely piece of art on the slipcase. Mine arrived this morning, to my considerable delight. The Mansfield Dark guys are both talented and ingenious, making everything from this gorgeousness to comedy to LGBT thrillers, so go check them out.
- A friend recommended browser extension FB Purity as a solution to the man ways in which Facebook is annoying. I haven't installed it yet, but perhaps some of you feel like trying it too.
cloudsinvenice: woman resting her head on her hand, thinking (Default) least, insofar as it furnishes me with gems like this video:

A Horse Says 'Benny Hill' In LOTR
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I fell out of doing the Wednesday reading meme back in April, which is unfortunate because at the time I still had a backlog dating from the end of February to work on. So, nearly five months' worth of books...

...will certainly not be tackled in this one post, but I can make a dent in them at least. )

Well, this has taken me into April. I'm going to try and post another batch of these every day until I get to what I'm reading now...
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To my utter delight, it emerges that The Independent has a feature that is basically Fandom Wank in non-fannish contexts. The examples that brought this to light:

- Two men have ridiculous fight about how many days are in a week

Marks and Spencer didn't give an elderly couple two tea bags and people on Facebook can't cope
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I originally typed "too hired to think", which I think says it all really.

Inspirograph - go and play with it!

Budget 2015

Jul. 8th, 2015 11:30 pm
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Well, today was the Budget. I've been very lucky today; the changes they're making don't shaft me, though they do a hell of a lot of other people. I've got friends who aren't sure yet how they're going to be affected - we're still trying to clarify, for example, whether contribution-based ESA will behave in the same way as regular ESA under the changes, or whether it'll be eliminated as has previously been discussed. I talked to a lot of friends today and people are variously bemused, scared, despairing - and that's just the disabled people I know.

Maintenance grants for low-income students are being abolished and replaced with loans (because students aren't in enough debt, apparently). And while the Chancellor huffed and puffed a lot about how great the Tories are and how much they value the institutions of the BBC and the NHS, when you read below the lines, they are notably undermining them and still working towards their privatisation. The National Living Wage, meanwhile, is a joke - it'll be lower than the existing minimum wage. Correction: very much to my surprise and pleasure, this is wrong: it will in fact be higher, which just shows the need not to report stuff without checking. Details of this, and further fact-checking of the Budget claims, can be found here:

It's not all bad news - Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) mounted a courageous action in which they completely blocked Westminster Bridge and the front of Parliament, ensuring that George Osborne had to be taken to deliver his speech via an underground route. I don't know how well covered this been in the mainstream media, but I urge you to share the YouTube videos wherever you can online - it is so, so psychologically important that people, both disabled and able-bodied, see resistance; that they see ordinary people like them occupying public spaces and communicating our message. Chunkymark, the Artist Taxi Driver, has various bits of footage of DPAC:

Something I've been thinking about for the last couple of years is the fact that we're living through history, but history is often recorded in a biased way. We have to make sure that this doesn't happen - yes, we have to fight austerity and prejudice now, but we also need to look to posterity and record our experiences and observations in every way possible. I'm not just talking about the internet - if you've spent long enough online, then you've seen a lot of websites come and go. What I'm saying is, don't leave our cultural repository of these events to any one ephemeral medium or platform. Get the message out every way you can.

Please note that this is a public post. I welcome your comments but wanted to highlight this because I know this affects some of you in very personal ways and I wanted you to be aware in case you are sharing personal details.
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For a short time I felt a ridiculous sense of achievement: I'd finally tracked down the text of something I'd once seen being performed by Harry Secombe (90% sure it was him, anyway) on a BBC archive clip. The sketch consisted of him explaining that there's no such work as Paradise Lost, based on the assertion that none of us knows anyone who's read the whole thing. (I suspect a fair few of you would disprove that, but it was funny.) The Daily Mail (so it's good for something...) supplied the context that it had been written by Bernard Levin for Ned Sherrin's That Was The Week That Was, and I actually thought that I'd found the full text on the website of a literary magazine, The Foliate Oak, except that their poem on the subject (which I like very much) is credited to Mark J. Mitchell, and doesn't contain the quote that the DM article included.

Despite a YouTube search, the sketch 'There Is No Such Book As Paradise Lost' remains elusive...
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The bookmarks bar has got a bit cluttered again...

Rolling Stone - Hannibal: TV's Happiest Meal - Don Mancini Talks Joining Hannibal Season 3 - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
[ profile] genufa - nice Tumblr fanblog with lots of great meta; I forget who recced this, but thank you! - KCC: Reitzell’s dreamy, jazzy score adds depth to Hannibal, Ep. 3.01, “Antipasto” - [personal profile] katzenfabrik informed me that they have fantastic Hannibal meta in their FanFare: Hannibal section
The Dinner Party Show Hannibalism Part 1 with Bryan Fuller - The Women of NBC's Hannibal
And a friend on Tumblr recommended their friend's Bloomaurier tag. It does not disappoint. :D
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I've been gathering up links on Mad Max: Fury Road for the past couple of weeks, and I think it's time to actually post them!

Imperator Furiosa: The Hero We Need - David Mack talks about character functions and storytelling mechanics in an interesting way that has wider implications.

Mad Max: Fury Road is less radical than its b-movie influences - for the Guardian, Noah Berlatsky looks at women's prison exploitation movies and how their tropes have percolated down to Fury Road. (Actually, my biggest question about the approach to race in the movie is where it is set - I'd assumed Australia, and in that case you'd expect their world to be heir to the very specific history, and present, issues of racism there. Does anyone know more about this?)

Mad Max as Feminist Ally - a deliciously detailed personal response by Tansy Rayner Roberts.

Crone Wars: on the mythology of Fury Road at Lashes and Stars. I am SO into this Maid/Mother/Crone archetype in the movie and I'm really happy someone wrote about it!

Mad Max is a Feminist Playbook for Surviving Dystopia, by Laurie Penny is typically snappily written and made me go, "YES! YES! YES!"


And last but by no means least, Elizabeth's Mad Max meta masterpost by [ profile] arcadiaego over on Tumblr has SO MUCH MORE STUFF; this is the roundup that inspired my roundup and it is glorious.
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Okay, so here are some bullet-pointed thoughts in lieu of a coherent review. It's one of those weird movies where I really enjoyed the whole experience but still have a lot of criticisms, and on rewatching I'll probably still enjoy the character moments but feel it has mixed success as an entry in a series. Remember, I critque because I love...

spoilers abound and will presumably abound in the comments )
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It's been a while, but the meme is back! Also, I see this is my first public entry in ages. I swear, potential friends, it's not a complete desert - there is more going on beneath f-lock...

Come for the books, stay for the books )


Mar. 22nd, 2015 09:47 pm
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The pairings meme and the letter meme... )

Also, I'm watching this amazing documentary, The Private Life of a Doll's House on iPlayer. It's presented by Lauren Child, and she talks about her childhood experience of making doll's house furniture with a family friend (who still runs a big, thriving workshop), and how the Swedish doll's houses she loved in the 70s influenced her design of the world of Charlie and Lola. There's some beautiful antique doll's houses to look at, and god, just so many amazing miniatures...
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I have tabs to close, and miles to go before I... shower.

People trying to boost their DW/LJ flists might be interested in a couple of friending memes: [ profile] mapping_stars is hosting a New Year's Friending Meme, and there's also a [ profile] yuletide-specific one here.

Meanwhile, [personal profile] ruuger's come up with the perfect meme for people trying to post more often:

When you see this, make a post in your journal or in a community. It can be anything: a crosspost something you've posted on Tumblr, a few words about the last thing you read/watched, or just a "Hi, how is everyone?" Then go read your f-list and leave at least one comment.

She also pointed me to the [community profile] snowflake_challenge, which still has a week to run and is a fun way to get to know more people/do more in fandom generally.

Reading-wise, [personal profile] londonkds has come up with "Doctor Who: A Guide For The Overwhelmed", a great, approachable primer on the televisual history of Doctor Who's different eras/Doctors/production teams: part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

The [community profile] vc_media Queen of the Damned group read schedule is up! Still need input from someone who has the US Ballantine paperback to hand to check page numbers...

Sad news this morning is that The Last Ship is to close on Broadway, though apparently they have hopes for licensing, so we might yet get to see it here... /nurtures fragile hope

ETA: This is too hilarious not to share: Ted Turner's Doomsday video has surfaced (or, as I suspect, has been circulating for some time, but has now splashed on my particular internet shore again). It was intended to be played in the event of... well, the end of the world. Unfortunately for our household, we just rewatched Mars Attacks last night, and this feels like a cut scene from that movie...
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Oh god, sorry for making two posts in a row, but this episode of Beauty and the Beast (s1ep5, "Masques") is killing me. Seemingly every American series that ran in the 80s had to do A Very Special Episode About The Troubles In Northern Ireland, and they're my kryptonite. The above line was what made me turn to my boyfriend and go, "Give me the laptop back, I need to liveblog this!"

Catherine and her dad are at a Hallowe'en party to honour Briget O'Donnell, an Irish peace activist. Her bodyguard gets anxious about Mr. Chandler's sword and makes some remark about "croppies" which (as tedious exposition explains) might have been current in 1798 but is basically just an excuse for Irish People Being Irish Irishly and George R. R. Martin (for alas, it is he who wrote the episode) to show off his research. There are fears of an assassination attempt by 'Orangemen' (which... you can see what they were going for in terms of using terms associated with different sides in the conflict, but it conjures up really weird imagery of some guy in a sash and bowler hat showing up to murder her, as opposed to some generic UVF or UDA guy).

Anyway, Briget is being played by some Irish American from Wisconsin who does Fakey Floaty Romantic Vaguely Southern Irish Accent (you know the one) despite being from the Bogside ("In Derry," she tells us sadly, "the night has a darker music!") and... oh, it's just going to get worse and worse. But I am gripped. Horribly, horribly gripped. Also, Briget has a thing for Vincent (my boyfriend is now ad-libbing in her atrocious accent: "Sometimes I just want a hairy paw on me fanny!"), so it's not going to end well. I will edit in more awfulness as and when it becomes necessary.

it became necessary )
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I've been meaning to do this for a while, but it was delayed by illness, work and sheer exhaustion. Brace yourselves, mes amis - it's the giant chapter-by-chapter Prince Lestat post! Or, to be honest, it's the first of several posts, because I want to get this thing rolling and not wait until I've commented on the whole thing. Also, I doubt that LiveJournal's post size limit can cope unless I split this thing up. I'll probably do it based on the sections of the book, but we'll see how things shake out.

Content note: sex, IVF, decapitation.

Spoilers! A warning which will be cut off when this crossposts to LiveJournal, since they don't let you have custom cut text anymore. Whatever. )
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ETA: You can tell I wrote this late at night - forgot to mention this was for the 50 Days Meme!

DAY NINETEEN: whatever tickles your fancy

Here's a strange thing: R found a news story about how the officials of a church in Cheltenham sold a painting of the Madonna and Child without permission. It was auctioned off for £20,000, resulting in church court proceedings and the vicar leaving the parish. I think the scariest bit in the article is when they say that there was "an initial plan to throw it away":

But if you click through to the investigation report by the chancellor of the diocese (link goes to the PDF), things get more and more surreal. It seems the painting was regarded as too Catholic (which is quite impressive given that they seem barely to have glanced at it or been aware of it for some time) and, well... the writer of the report does not pull any punches:

"They were not in any way being dishonest. Their behaviour was more akin to a driver who causes a crash by driving through a red light, but whose excuse is: 'I had never bothered to read the Highway Code, and I forgot what I had been told about it, and so I did not know what was the purpose of a red light.'"

"In the event, someone, when it was on the point of being thrown out into a skip, did question as to whether it might have a few pounds value. Given the plethora of television programmes about auctions and treasures in the attic, I suppose I must be grateful that some kind of warning bell was rung.

However, worse was to come."

You can really hear her getting her narrative thing on here.

"This wretched and lamentable history is a textbook example of how not to do things, as I have sadly had to set out above. Monumental stupidity is involved, some degree of arrogance, and, even possibly [I make no finding as to the latter] a degree of evasiveness."

Unflinching practicality re: the asbestos/leaky roof budget:

"...but there is a limit to the burdens that can be placed successfully on an average congregation of some 40 adults."

I enjoyed this as much as those proceedings about Richard III that [ profile] semyaza found...


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