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I have tabs to close, and miles to go before I... shower.

People trying to boost their DW/LJ flists might be interested in a couple of friending memes: [ profile] mapping_stars is hosting a New Year's Friending Meme, and there's also a [ profile] yuletide-specific one here.

Meanwhile, [personal profile] ruuger's come up with the perfect meme for people trying to post more often:

When you see this, make a post in your journal or in a community. It can be anything: a crosspost something you've posted on Tumblr, a few words about the last thing you read/watched, or just a "Hi, how is everyone?" Then go read your f-list and leave at least one comment.

She also pointed me to the [community profile] snowflake_challenge, which still has a week to run and is a fun way to get to know more people/do more in fandom generally.

Reading-wise, [personal profile] londonkds has come up with "Doctor Who: A Guide For The Overwhelmed", a great, approachable primer on the televisual history of Doctor Who's different eras/Doctors/production teams: part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

The [community profile] vc_media Queen of the Damned group read schedule is up! Still need input from someone who has the US Ballantine paperback to hand to check page numbers...

Sad news this morning is that The Last Ship is to close on Broadway, though apparently they have hopes for licensing, so we might yet get to see it here... /nurtures fragile hope

ETA: This is too hilarious not to share: Ted Turner's Doomsday video has surfaced (or, as I suspect, has been circulating for some time, but has now splashed on my particular internet shore again). It was intended to be played in the event of... well, the end of the world. Unfortunately for our household, we just rewatched Mars Attacks last night, and this feels like a cut scene from that movie...


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