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Bear in mind that I'm faintly hysterical, since the moment I got online to rant about the show I fell over this bizarre news story about the sinking of the Titanic, and I can no longer tell what's real and what is highly contrived clickbait-esque bollocks. In the context of seeing a new Sherlock episode, this is most unfortunate.

Anyway, Sherlock... )
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We had a Sherlock Holmes double bill tonight. First the Guy Ritchie movie, then one we hadn't heard of before starring Christopher Lee as Holmes and Patrick Macnee as Watson: Incident at Victoria Falls. We gradually realised why it hasn't been widely celebrated: made in 1992, the tape-to-DVD transfer makes it look more like 1979, and it's the sort of thing where you check the runtime gauge to see if you are, as you assume, three quarters of the way through, only to realise it's been going for 45 minutes and still has about four times as much again to go. 

It's not without its charm: Christopher Lee is a good choice for Holmes, and Watson gets a gratifying (if dating) synth motif for his many moments of failure (and this is definitely another incarnation of Jam!Watson). But the strangest thing about this made-for-TV movie is who bankrolled it: reading the credits on the back of the case, we spotted, "in association with Silvio Berlusconi Communications"!

Also, the camera man was Rod Stewart. Probably not that Rod Stewart, but it's funnier not to let reality intrude. 

Here's a YouTube clip for the curious:

Exciting things are happening in fandom. Somebody started a new meta link comm, [community profile] metanews  ([ profile] metanewsfandom  on LJ), so those of us who've been grumbling about how people just want to post gifsets and nobody discusses anymore can find the good stuff at last. They're asking people who post meta or know where there's good meta to get in touch - link posts are weekly, covering very recent stuff. 

A few disability/fannish links:

- on LJ, [ profile] chordatesrock is doing a survey about disability and (fan)fiction. It was posted a couple of weeks ago but they welcome responses at any time. 
- plus I found a comm, [community profile] accessportrayal , for help with portraying disabilities and disabled people well in fic. 
- and on Wordpress, there's a great blog called Space Crip, about "disability in sci fi, fantasy and beyond". 


Finally, I've got a fictional character meme from [personal profile] peachpai . Comment with one of my fandoms and I'll tell you:





meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem )



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