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Pairings meme from [ profile] daria234:

Meme: Think about all your ships, then:
List the 5 pairings that you have the most FEELS for.
List the 5 pairings who, in your headcanon, have the hottest sex ever.
List the 5 pairings that you love to ship even though you know they'd be a mess as a couple in real life.
List the 5 pairings that get each other better than anyone else in the world gets them.

Most feels:


Hottest sex:

Armand/Daniel I'm guessing (disturbing sex, but hot sex)
stuck now
apparently I don't think enough about fictional characters' sex lives
this is a fannish failure on my part

Love to ship, know it'd fail in reality:

Lestat/Louis, in that they constatly fall out and their relationship exists in defiance of all reason.
Otherwise... idk? My problem is that I'm largely a canon shipper; besides that I have some ships that might as well be canon, like Maddie and Verity, or Hannibal and Will (i.e. they're so intense and intimate that they really only require sex to become official), but generally I tend not to have that shipper's instinct to pair people up if they're not already showing interest in each other.
Basically, all VC ships are doomed because emo vampires.

Get each other better than anyone else in the world does:

Tony/Pepper (MCU)
Katchoo and Francine

Letter meme from [ profile] wordsofastory:

I got the letter L - just ask me for a letter if you want to do the meme too.

Something I hate: Leaf-blowers. They are a god-awful source of noise pollution and a complete waste of time.

Something I love: Lego, obviously. There's something enormously soothing about a detailed miniature world; I went through a phase as a kid when I obsessively built (and also drew) house layouts. But I also find it very tactile and soothing; sort of like worry beads.

Somewhere I've been: London. I want to go back again and do all the museums again, but moreso!

Somewhere I'd like to go: Lancashire; it's where my maternal grandmother came from but I've never actually been there.

Someone I know: [ profile] ladybows_fs, who is usually the first to hear any and all cat-related weirdness in our house because we're on FB chat most evenings. :D

A film I like: Ladyhawke, which I want to watch again soon because it's been too long, and I read a really marvellous blog post about it here recently.

A book I like: Lavondyss by Robert Holdstock, though it's more a book-that-caught-my-soul-and-clutched-it-until-tears-squeezed-out.

Also, I'm watching this amazing documentary, The Private Life of a Doll's House on iPlayer. It's presented by Lauren Child, and she talks about her childhood experience of making doll's house furniture with a family friend (who still runs a big, thriving workshop), and how the Swedish doll's houses she loved in the 70s influenced her design of the world of Charlie and Lola. There's some beautiful antique doll's houses to look at, and god, just so many amazing miniatures...


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